Park & Tree Board


  • 7 p.m.
  • Every 3rd Monday of the month
  • Kechi Community Room


  • Elizabeth Blasford
  • Cathy Bonnesen
  • Bob Jackson
  • Mike Tokarz
  • Nick Villalovos


The Park and Tree Board is an advisory board that assists the Public Works Department in maintaining and planning improvements for Kechi City Park. The duties of the Park and Tree Board include:

  • Reviewing and updating city park plans
  • Making recommendations for park projects and activities
  • Seeking grants and gifts for park improvements
  • Establishing rules and regulations for park and trees in public spaces
  • Making recommendations regarding contracts for services related to the park
  • Fostering good relations with residents through public relations, projects, and communications
  • Encouraging public pride of ownership in parks
  • Sponsoring events and park clean up days